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home staging - north raleigh

The homeowner had owned the home for only two years so it was especially important to maximize the return on his home. With only a few pieces of furniture to work with we repurposed his existing throughout the home. A fresh coat of paint, strategically placed accessories and new window treatments prepared the home for potential buyers.

Let's not forget the house exterior. New paint/color for the front door, pressure washing, a little yard work and a few flowers and the house was ready.


The homeowner of this custom built home in Chapel Hill needed to get their home on the market quickly. We reused their existing furniture and a few accessories, removed the clutter and added a few more accessories to ready this house for a sell. A few small changes can make an impact!

Everyone who puts their home on the market wants to make the sale as quickly as possible with the maximum amount of return. Unless you have already moved out of the home you are selling, it is likely you have most of what you need to  stage your home properly. A little editing and adding a few pieces of furniture and accessories can go a long way to help potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home. 

Don't forget the outside of the house! When the potential buyer drives up to your house for the first time, this is when the love affair starts to happen. A freshly painted front door, a neatly trimmed front yard, flowers in pots, clean windows - all add to its appeal and will make the potential buyer excited to see what is inside!


  1. Home Evaluation and Recommendations - Getting your home ready to sell
  2. Organization - What to keep, sell or donate
  3. Editing - Evaluate how to edit and consolidate your belongings
  4. Staging  - Reuse your existing furniture
  5. Staging - Adding accessories from Living Solutions inventory
  6. Staging - Adding furniture from local sources

The quote "less is more" is true when selling your home. Removing the clutter and adding a few accessories will open the space up and help the potential buyer imagine how they can make this house their home.